May 6 8:43am
The shots may have come from a silver or white sedan seen in the area at the time of the shooting near 64th Avenue and Kearney Street.
Apr 25 9:07pm
How emergency rooms are saving lives outside the hospital. - A fight over Amazon in Arvada. - ​Another Colorado man charged in the Capitol Riot. - The self-proclaimed Lorax of Denver.
Apr 21 10:09pm
The man in charge of policing the Boulder Police says he feels a duty to be on the streets watching how officers respond to protests. - A school and even an entire neighborhood changed a controversial name. Why is it so tough to change a street sign?
Apr 19 3:00pm
A report from an El Paso County Public Health employee describes little social distancing inside the clinic, unlabeled syringes and a lack of temp logs.
Apr 15 7:12am
The Westminster SWAT team was attempting to negotiate the surrender of Raymond Quintana who was accused of pointing a gun at Thornton officers last week.
Apr 14 10:52pm
Thousands of people have to restart the vaccine process. - The COVID dial has been confusing. Denver is making changes to avoid a patchwork of rules. - One of our most vulnerable populations went unseen too often during the pandemic.
Apr 13 10:32pm
Pressing pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is supposed to enhance public confidence. We look at how. - Does fasting from sunrise to sunset create any issues for Colorado Muslims wanting to get vaccinated during the holy month of Ramadan? / Marshall Zelinger is in for Kyle.
Apr 9 9:39pm
We check in on the people, like health care workers, who got the vaccines weeks and months ago. - Why agriculture groups oppose this animal cruelty proposal. - Friday Good News.
Apr 8 4:37pm
For the next several weeks drivers should prepare for single lane closures and delays while potholes are repaired; Also for drivers slamming breaks to avoid potholes
Apr 7 11:26pm
Coloradans who went a distance for their first vaccine dose are left in a tough spot for their second. - ​Studying what would happen if we reduced who could drive in the city. - A mass vaccination site stops after an unknown number of people had a bad reaction.
Apr 7 3:27pm
When it opens, the park will have reduced attendance capacity, enhanced COVID cleaning protocols and guests will be required to wear masks when not in the water.
Apr 7 2:18pm
When it opens, the park will have reduced attendance capacity, enhanced COVID cleaning protocols and guests will be required to wear masks when not in the water.
Apr 4 4:37pm
The first snow showers of April are coming to the Colorado high country on Tuesday; some mixed showers also possible in the Denver area.
Apr 1 9:53pm
The bill would encourage The Division of Fire Prevention and Control to hire inmate firefighters when they are released, although it would not require that they do.
Apr 1 8:42pm
Nurses take a hard look at their profession and who is in the business of saving lives in Colorado. - A case testing the free speech rights of the Coloradans who serve and protect us in the military. - Is that a screen glitch or did we just see who we think we just saw?
Mar 17 9:16pm
Experts are coming around on letting people have a bit more fun after we get the vaccine. - A lawmaker finds out what his idea would cost and drops it. - A dancing manhole cover? - Our low rate of anti-Asian hate crimes is no excuse for what some Colorado politicians like to say these days.
Mar 15 8:42pm
Whoa. That was wild. We just witnessed the fourth-snowiest storm in Denver history. - Rescues in the Great White North continued today with people stuck at home without power in rural areas. - Snow day for everyone! Except you, Jeffco.
Mar 14 1:42pm
After making a change to its snow day policy last week, Denver Public Schools said all schools and offices will be closed on Monday.
Mar 13 9:35am
Get the latest on snow totals, road updates, live radar and forecast for the winter snowstorm headed to Colorado, the Front Range and Denver this weekend.
Mar 11 11:34pm
Would CDOT close highways preemptively before the storm? - A year ago, the reality of the pandemic set in for so many of us. - As the Nest Turns...
Mar 10 8:50pm
As Colorado continues to vaccinate seniors and people with health and occupation qualifications, we stopped by a clinic in Lone Tree to get a feel for the process.
Mar 6 6:58pm
Fant, Albert O give Denver a rare playmaker duo at the TE position. Nick Vannett will handle the blocking role but Butt, Fumagalli are free agents.
Mar 4 9:26pm
Addressing hesitancy over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, as Catholic leaders in Denver advise people to get one of the other shots. - The moral dilemma of how to handle people cutting in line for the COVID vaccine.
Mar 3 9:33pm
Despite good precipitation recently, Colorado drought levels are still high – Westminster is the first to issue water restrictions in metro area.
Feb 26 10:31pm
The state outlines when everyone can expect to have access to vaccines. -- Xcel explains its natural gas price hike. - Our first words about the pandemic, one year ago today.
Feb 24 5:06pm
Police found Nathan Bright shot dead Monday morning at a residence on East Walsh Way in east Aurora.
Feb 21 9:15pm
The high-profile location off 58th Avenue and I-25 offered an 807,000-square foot facility on 34 acres to some 100 trade shows annually.
Feb 19 10:38pm
A crowd of Coloradans larger than the population of Fort Collins are all going to try to do one thing at the same time tomorrow. This could get messy. - And the reason why some people are dropping down the list as they wait for a vaccine.
Feb 15 4:10pm
The North Classroom building, King Center and the CU-Denver Student Commons building were impacted by the cold temperatures, according to campus officials.
Feb 12 9:04pm
We look at how the pandemic has forced women in Colorado out of the workforce. - ​People we have featured on Next had ideas to improve the unemployment system and vaccinations. Gotta give the state credit for what it did next.
Jan 29 8:53pm
Colorado makes more changes to who gets the vaccine and when, moving some groups up others back. - A request of gun owners to be better gun owners. - A neighborhood wiped off the map by flood waters is back in a new form.
Jan 28 8:48pm
2020 did a number on all of us, and the chaos spilled into 2021. People can seek mental health help but therapists, like these doctors in Colorado, feel stress, too.