Jul 14 12:56pm
U.S. President Donald Trump has the authority to waive sanctions on Turkey for its purchase of Russian air defense systems and should find a "middle ground" in the dispute, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday.
Jul 14 11:26am
European leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel joined French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday for the traditional Bastille Day military parade in Paris, which this year honoured European military cooperation.
May 5 5:35pm
UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov would like to defend his title three times over the next 11 months, his agent told ESPN, and he has a strong desire to fight Georges St-Pierre next April.
May 5 3:06pm
More than 20 of our NFL writers, insiders and fantasy analysts spent two days discussing players. These are the rankings that came out of our annual meeting.
May 5 2:38pm
Clemson has landed yet another top-50 recruit in its 2020 class with quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei. The No. 50-ranked prospect is the top pocket passer in the class and chose the Tigers over Oregon and Mt. San Antonio College.
May 3 10:20am
Who went first? How far did players like Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette slide? Who is the top rookie?
Dec 31 5:00pm
Consider this your ultimate guide to nabbing amazing skincare and makeup discounts on and leading up to the big day. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Slashdot Jul 13 8:44pm
Long-time Slashdot reader hyperfine transition writes: The Galileo satellite positioning service is currently unavailable, with all satellites marked as in outage . Galileo is the European-built and operated alternative to GPS. The outage is being attributed to problems at the Precise Timing Facility in Italy. The availability of multiple Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and the relative newness of Galileo (the system is still under construction and only the newest GNSS receivers will track it) means that it is likely that few users will see an impact but the problem highlights our potential vulnerability to the loss of positioning and timing services available through GNSS.

AVC Jul 13 7:34am
Back in May, during Blockchain Week in NYC, I had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO of our portfolio company Coinbase, Brian Armstrong. We started off talking about their rapidly growing institutional business, but quickly got to talking about everything Coinbase. Brian also gets a question in for me about 17mins into the talk. It’s […]
Jul 12 10:06am
“Like many suburban kids growing up in the 70s, I was no stranger to the local bowling alley.” So starts the video below for this Kickstarter project to make a photo book about the classic American bowling alley. That line got me as I grew up a suburban kid in the 70s and spent many […]
Jul 11 7:23am
Our portfolio company Nurx started out offering birth control prescriptions on a mobile phone delivered to you in the mail. This has been a game changer for many women who live far from a doctor or a pharmacy or live in places where it is not easy to get a birth control prescription. But they […]
Feld Thoughts Jul 10 5:49am

Over the years, I’ve written about my belief in the importance of giving back to your communities and #givefirst. In this spirit, one of the key organizations my partners at Foundry Group have helped create and nurture is Pledge 1%. In 2007, we were a founding member in the predecessor organization to Pledge 1%, called Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (or EFCO). EFCO started as an experiment here in Boulder, not unlike Techstars and Startup Week/Weekend that got their start in our backyard. In 2014, Pledge1% Global launched as a joint effort between Foundry Group, The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, The Salesforce Foundation and The Atlassian Foundation which we helped seed financially and continue to support. Pledge 1% Colorado has now...

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AVC Jul 10 4:04am
One of USV’s newest portfolio companies, Otis, had a coming out party yesterday. The idea behind Otis is that cultural assets like fine art, rare books and comic books, jewelry and watches, sneakers and skateboards, etc are appreciated by everyone but are only collectible/affordable by wealthy people. Otis intends to change that by securitizing these […]
Feld Thoughts Jul 9 5:09am

I’ve been thinking a lot about gross profit (and gross margin) lately. Yeah, I know I can be riveting, but stay with me. When I was in Boston a while ago (it was very cold, so it must have been January), I had a wide-ranging conversation with Eric Paley. This was before the IPO Summer of 2019 when all conventional valuation metrics have entered the land of “suspension of disbelief” which is short-term good and long-term well-we-will-see-…-eventually One of our conversational threads was about how to value companies. We ended up talking about using Gross Profit, instead of Revenue, to do valuation analysis. We’ve been doing this for a long time at Foundry Group. Since we invest across a number...

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AVC Jul 9 5:06am
I am reading a friend’s book which is still in proofs and so I’m not going to talk about it yet. But there is one part of the book that really rang true for me and that is when he talks about certain kinds of problematic employees, particularly one he calls The Heretic. This kind […]
Jul 8 5:27am
I’ve shared my views on this before here at AVC. I believe business model innovation is more disruptive than technical innovation. A good example of this was moving from web apps to mobile apps, which was largely a technical innovation. While the move to mobile certainly created some new companies, it largely strengthened the market […]
Feld Thoughts Jul 8 5:19am

I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Kraus, Sue Heilbronner, and the work they do through MergeLane. Recently Elizabeth started a platform for the next generation of venture capitalists called Fund81. It includes a podcast, which has both a public section for everyone and a private section for the Fund81 members. Elizabeth recently interviewed me for Episode 13 where we talked about maintaining mental health in the fast-paced venture capital world while supporting portfolio companies, colleagues, friends, and family wrestling with mental health issues. The public section follows. Elizabeth and Sue – thanks for everything you and the team at MergeLane do for entrepreneurs and now other VCs.

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AVC Jul 7 3:30pm
One of the use cases that has eluded cryptocurrencies to date is “means of exchange” (something you would spend). I wrote about this a couple years ago and showed this transaction in that blog post: That was a payment I made to a caddie named Kris after he carried my bags one morning six years […]
Jul 6 6:32am
A few years ago, we invited Angela Duckworth to speak to our portfolio company CEOs at our annual get together. It was a terrific talk that absolutely impacted the way these CEOs thought about hiring and managing their teams. Angela’s theory of “Grit” as a predictor of success in education, careers, and life is powerful. […]
Jul 5 9:02am
When I started writing this blog in 2003, I was not a strong writer. Sixteen years later, I am a better writer. Doing something every day is the best way to improve at something. I’ve been doing yoga for roughly the same number of years as I’ve been writing this blog. But I am not […]
Jul 4 5:23am
It has been 243 years since our founding fathers signed the Declaration Of Independence and the great American experiment began. These words form the moral backbone of our country and represent our core values: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with […]
Feld Thoughts Jul 2 10:02am

I’m lazy blogging this week as I get ready to go on vacation for the July 4th holiday. So, here’s another set of videos to watch, which is the entire Street Level Startups series from Colorado Public Television. I’ve watched them all now and they are a great history of how the entrepreneurship scene in Colorado has evolved recently, along with a bunch of fun highlights of people and companies. Street Level Startups: The New Gold Rush Street Level Startups: When an Idea Strikes – Stories of Inspiration Street Level Startups: Three Phases of a Startup Street Level Startups: Mentorship & Integration Street Level Startups: Startups to Watch

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Jul 1 6:41am

Xiao Wang, the founder, and CEO of Boundless, recently gave a speech at the 2019 convocation of UW’s Information School. It was 15 minutes long and I thought it was extraordinary. Xiao – nice job weaving in a Mary Oliver quote at the end. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?“ I’m honored that I get to work with you.

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Jun 28 7:35am

I love weird Internet memes. Recently, I plumbed the depths of this one with my friend Quinn. Go to your Google browser and type “did ab” and see what comes up for you. If it’s “Did Abraham Lincoln Invent Pancakes” then the Internet is working as expected. Of course, our next move was to go see if there was a website at https://didabrahamlincolninventpancakes.com/. A week ago there wasn’t, but there is one there now. Bwahahahahahahaha. Did Abraham Lincoln Invent Pancakes? is now a permanent part of the web. I wonder what Google is going to do with it now?

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Jun 27 10:56am

When I wrote the post Every Lie We Tell Incurs a Debt to the Truth I expected to get some feedback. I got more than I usually do (mostly by email vs. blog comments) and much of it was thoughtful. One person pointed to the video I embedded, which I thought was great. It’s an extensive explanation of things in HBO’s Chernobyl that were either simply wrong or exaggerated. The video is entertaining as well as substantive, so it’s a good addition to the content from the show. Separately, I listened to The Chernobyl Podcast on my drive up to Aspen about two weeks ago. If you watched the HBO Chernobyl docudrama, the accompanying podcast is a must listen. Peter...

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Jun 26 6:04am

Colorado Public Television takes an in-depth look at Colorado’s thriving startup scene in its new 5-part season called Street Level Startups. The first episode, which is above, includes me and Jared Polis reflecting on some fun Techstars founding history, Dan Caruso talking about Zayo and the bridge between Boulder / Denver, and a great segment at the end with Brad Bernthal talking about fundraising and #GiveFirst. And, plenty of other stuff. It was fun to watch a bunch of the old video from the last dozen years in one place. I love living and working here.

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Jun 25 10:47am

This first appeared in the Boulder Community Health Foundation Summer 2019 Magazine in an article titled Taking On The Mental Health Stigma. I started the second week of 2013 in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. Within two hours of arriving, I was in my hotel room, the shade closed, the door locked, and in bed with a pillow over my head. I couldn’t deal with anything at all. Having been here before, I knew I was in a deep depression. From all external perspectives, my life was going great. I was healthy, my business (Foundry Group) was successful, I had an excellent marriage to Amy Batchelor, was surrounded by numerous friends, and I got to live in Boulder,...

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Jun 24 8:59am

Jerry Colonna has written a “must read for everyone on planet earth book” titled Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up. Seriously, go buy it right now. I’ll be here when you return. Regular readers of this blog know that Jerry and I are extremely close friends and have been for 23 years. I first met Jerry when he was beginning his partnership with Fred Wilson at Flatiron Partners. But, I didn’t meet him through Fred. I met him through NetGenesis, a company I was chairman of at the time that had been started by Rajat Bhargava (who we still work with as CEO of JumpCloud), Matt Cutler (who we still work with as CEO of Blocknative). I won’t...

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Aug 29 1:00pm

Will be going over to a friends house tonight, getting to see his layout for the very 1st time!  His layout has been a fairly well known operations layout based on the (NYC?) and has been part of many events including Opsig.Org operations events.  I we have shared pictures but I never have his layout in real life.  Tonight is the night. 

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Aug 28 3:28pm

Recently well known modeler Mike Confalone, whose efforts have become such an inspiration for my own modeling came up with a deadline track on his Allagash Railroad. It is something rarely modeled but can add interest and history to our model Railroads. Like Mike, I have been modeling for quite some time and over the years I have not only accumulated a lot of model trains but have learned enough to improve from my earliest attempts. 

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Aug 25 9:23pm

Having built several resin car kits now, and wanting a challenge, I have started a Speedwhich Media A. E. Staley Tank Car kit. 

Aug 23 1:04pm

This was one of the really big layouts at the National Train Show this year (the T-Trak, N-Trak, and Free-moN being the others). Three clubs had signs there, Missouri Valley Free-mo, OK Free-mo, and Southern Kansas Free-mo. I expect there were additional participants as well. I believe I heard there were 63 modules involved.

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Aug 22 4:42pm

I attend a church of about 800 people, give or take, and I know of no other model railroaders there. That this church supports an entire modular layout group is pretty impressive!

One series of modules, built by Craig Adams and created as an amusement park, took the Judges Award as well -





Aug 22 1:56pm

Very small snowy diorama I tried out used baby powder for snow and I think it turned out pretty well heres some photos:

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Mar 2 5:59pm
The *Black Panther* director of photography is also the first woman to get an Oscar nomination for cinematography. Look back at her other work.