This is a curated RSS aggregator.
As the curator, I choose which feeds are included. I also decide when they change, without notice. I live in Denver, Colorado so the local news will be from there. I am not responsible for the content, I simply aggregate feeds.
I can't find any websites I like but I'd like to have an online newspaper I can go to. I basically wrote it for my own personal use but anyone can look at it anytime. No Javascript, no ads, no tracking of anything. That's old school, but, enjoy!
The top of each page contains a navigation menu. The News link takes you to the main news page. The Feeds link takes you to a list of the feeds that are merged into the main news page.
The following figure is an excerpt from an example of the main news page, there is a list of four news items. Each item has a Feed Filter Link. If you click this link, the main news page will be filtered to have only stories from this feed. The first item is an example of an item with no title.
The remaining items in this example have titles that are presented as Item Title Links. If you click on these links, you will go to the story on the site that hosts the RSS feed. This means you leave the site and must use the browser back arrow to return to the news feed.
Note the last two items in this example are from the same feed. When this occurs chronologically in the aggregation, no horizontal separator is used and the Feed Filter Link is not repeated.